Is it worth exercising once or twice a week?

For many women, mums or not, finding time to fit in your workout can be a bit of a struggle. Media sometimes suggests that you must exercise more than once or twice a week to gain the results that you want, but is that true? Can it still work if you can only make one or two sessions a week?


The answer is YES.


But there are things you need to think about and consider if you can only workout once or twice a week.


The type of workout(s) you choose to do

If you are going to workout only once or twice a week, then decide what type of workout will give you the best results in the shortest time. This doesn’t mean going crazy and almost killing yourself. It means picking a workout that will challenge your entire body at a level that will suit you, and at a level that you will be able to consistently progress. We love to jump in head first. That feeling where you can’t walk for a week, for some, feels like they have made lots of worthwhile changes.  If we do have this too hard too soon attitude, it can cause unnecessary postural changes that can cause us to feel things like knee pain.

Picking a workout intensity that suits your fitness level currently, and one which also includes some weight training that kicks your heart rate up, making your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems to work harder will give you the best full body results.


If you aren’t too sure about weight training, and you don’t want to get ‘bulky’ then this is a must read.


How hard you workout in those sessions

If you are going to workout once or twice a week, make sure you make the most of it! Work hard and push yourself in the sessions that you do make it to! The more you do this, the better the results. Simple.


How realistic your goals are in relation to what you can actually do

If you are managing to get a workout in perhaps just once or twice a week, then you need to look at your goals. Many of us want body changes quickly, but if you are only managing to workout once or twice a week, then it is important to be realistic with the timeframe in which you wish to achieve your goals. If we are unrealistic, disappointment and frustration sets in quickly, and then usually giving up follows quickly behind. Consistency is an absolute must to achieve those goals, so making sure you are realistic will help.


How balanced your nutrition is in relation to your exercise / movement requirements

Losing weight and toning up is all about the equation between energy in and energy out. If we consume more energy than we use up, it will be stored. If we are aiming for weight loss, then we need to make sure our diet matches that of our daily and weekly energy expenditure. If you move, and exercise more, you will need a little more food / energy to balance this. If you move a little less then you will obviously need a little less. It’s a balance. Your food is key and your exercise stimulates metabolism which is the key to stopping the yo-yo effect of dieting and then putting the pounds back on. 


Remember that everyone’s lifestyle is different…


…and if there is anything that we have learnt working so closely with women for so long, is that we LOVE to compare what we are doing and achieving to our friends and family. If you find yourself doing this, simply rewire that thinking and remind yourself of your own goals.


Training for many women is difficult and can be confusing. For some, a feeling of total dread comes with starting the entire process what feels like all over again, making it even more overwhelming.

There is a reason we are focussed on purely WOMEN’S health and fitness, and it is because we a have 7 times more hormones than men, and we think about food and fitness differently. We NEED a focused plan that not only gives us the results, but give us real time, usable tricks that really aren’t tricks, they are simply focused on how women’s minds and body respond to weight loss and health gains.

We NEED a focussed plan that not only gives us the results, but give us real time, usable tricks that really aren’t tricks, they are simply focused on how women’s minds and body respond to weight loss and health gains. If you are looking for a program to start then look to join our BeBikini program.


If you are looking for some guidance and help on starting to incorporate weight training into your plan then come and join us in February. Come and talk to our team we are here to support you. After years of helping hundreds of women get lean and fit, the secret is simple and we have grown it into a powerful community of like-minded women who are there for you every day – to celebrate your successes and to pick you up when you are feeling less motivated. The secret is a Tribe and one that thrives on knowledge. Knowledge of yourself, food and fitness.



Siobhan and the Beattitude Team



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