The workouts are drive from understanding the female physique and psyche. They really keep you on your toes. Forget about boring repetitiveness, that is a thing of the past! Smart training paired with energetic sessions, in a variety of different fitness levels and training methods From HIIT, to functional training, body flow, core conditioning, boxing to pre- and post-natal exercises.


Beattitude offers a workout world where every day can be different, where your body will surprise you and where you’ll find ladies from all walks of life getting the most out of their bodies and their time. Our workouts break that feeling of being ‘fed up’ with fitness. This is an experience, a collection of like-minded women who want to improve their lifestyle, achieve results and the team at Beattitude will ensure you get there!

Each new member becomes part of the Beattitude club. No-one is left alone. Our club is build on getting results and a culture of belonging.


Beattitude is built on community, on results and on specialised fitness and nutrition. With creche facilities and an indoor buggy park mums and little are never left out. Regular socials and challenges keep our members motivated, on their toes and in an environment which gives them much more than simply a workout. Our trainers are highly educated and total personalities. This is a club where you will see results but you will also find new fitness friends, new levels of body and mind understanding and be given a lot more than just a membership. 




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