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We are looking for 14 women who want to transform their body, fitness and nutrition in just 30 days and help kickstart 2019 with some serious attitude.
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Start Date: 28th October

We all know deep down what we should do to lose weight but usually make excuses to ourselves why we fail, or we follow all of the tips all at once. The BeBikini 30 Day Program walks you through the shiny glass doors of how to take control of your food, body and fitness. It is 100% targeted for women; our mindset towards food, fitness and our own body confidence.

If you are looking for a really straight forward and practical program which has proven many women the results that they have wished for, a program which tackles your fitness, motivation, cravings, tiredness, stubborn weight issues, and sugar addiction, then you are looking right at it.

Full of daily motivational and inspiring emails, podcasts and videos, to keep you on track throughout the 30 days, and to teach you how to continue on after. The changes to lifestyle are simple to implement and really are common sense, they don’t take too much of your time.

This program has been tried, tested, altered and then re-altered by women for women to make it the very best formula to find you the results you want.

This is your chance to re-invent your shape and regain the body and fitness confidence you want…

• Weekly weigh ins, measure and body stat recording
• 30 Day Nutrition Plan involving clean food and healthy cooking
• UNLIMITED Classes at Beattitude for 30 Days (normally this would cost £123 just for the classes). We guide you which classes and level to take depending upon your current fitness level.
• 1.5 hour educational and motivational talk to discuss meal and recipe ideas, planning, focus and how to keep on track with your program
• Meal planners and recipes, so you are fully supported
• Motivational and educational emails EVERY DAY for 30 days with podcasts to listen on the go! Knowing WHY means you stay ON TRACK.
• PLUS Mindset & confidence audios keeping you in the right headspace.
• 24/7 Access to the top secret Facebook page when you can post questions and get support!

The BeBikini Program is no fad. It tackles the 4 main elements to achieving real long-term body confidence and weight loss:

• Nutrition
• Resistance training
• Cardio training
• Mental training

No fuss, no fiddly food recipes and no fluffy training. Everything is targeted to the way the female body works.

• The Nutrition will help you to get leaner and healthier
• The resistance training will help you to build up muscle (lean long muscle)
• The cardio will get you fitter and helps you to get leaner even faster
• The mental training will help you to stick to your nutrition and exercise trainings

It doesn’t matter what ability you are, age or time of year; BeBikini will target YOUR individual needs and wants and give you back your beautiful body confidence with a toned, tight body shape!