Summer socialising & weight loss – how to have both

Many of us have come to believe that we need to sacrifice socialising and fun in our quest for weight loss. Truth is, we’ve developed this “either/or” take on what is available to us. We’re either doing what we enjoy or losing weight; socialising or staying in and working out. We can’t seem to get the ‘AND’ quite right…

Lose weight AND socialise

Tone up AND not workout every day

Eat what we want to eat AND maintain your weight

But…all of these are available to you whenever you like. 

Many of us impulsively want to be perfect with our nutrition and fitness, aiming for 100% accuracy; anything below this is often seen as failure in our eyes. ‘Perfect’ comes with the rules of not drinking alcohol, prepping our food, exercising each week a specific amount of times (often placed at too high a number that we cannot sustain the sessions), limiting our social events and cutting out sugar completely.

From a young age, we are taught to be careful rather than to take risks, whereas boys are taught to jump, run, try to fly to take risks and fail. There is no wonder that women approach weight loss and fitness in a slightly different way to men.  

So let’s flip it on its head – rather than looking to where you have to be perfect to get results, where it’s all cutting back calories and working out more, let’s start looking to where you can grow, and be a badass who is in control of her own life. One who has a social life AND is still achieving weight loss.

It’s not a magic pill and we’re not promising results you don’t have to work for – everything worth having takes time and effort – but it is balance and lets you have your AND.  The cliche is wrong, you can have your cake and enjoy it too – just maybe not the whole cake!

So what’s the plan?  Well you can have excuses, or you can have success. You can’t have both but you can have that seemingly elusive AND. So, have a read of a few of the things we teach you throughout the BeBikini program.



One thing that often crops up when following a program with “dedication” is a no alcohol policy.   Our program doesn’t go this way, mainly because our aim is to give you results AND something you can stick to longer term than just a 30 day sprint  to your holiday. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, that is a recipe for short term crashes. No-one can stick to something long term which causes them unhappiness and pain. We encourage you to go out, socialise and learn to manage your social life with your nutrition and fitness. We’re not advocating going out several times a week, what we are saying is don’t stop going out simply due to your goal of lose weight.



It’s the short term focus that drives us away from balance and the  ‘AND’ in our lives.

Lose 7lbs in 7 days, drop a stone in 1 month…all of these teach us that in order to get what we want we have to cut out those fun ‘ANDs’. Often the time scale we give ourselves to achieve our goals is utterly ridiculous. We want our goals in a hurry and we want to be able to socialise. Short term, that’s never going to happen, but it’s all about the long term.



This one’s huge.  Be honest, how easy is it to make a few biscuits, some drinks or maybe a burger  become the reason to put the plan off until next week because it’s ruined now.

Those things haven’t ruined it, but chucking it in the bin will ruin it pretty quick.

This can be pretty common after social situations that includes drinking.  Alcohol depletes our body of specific nutrients, it can also cause mood swings, which then affect our decision making the next day.Pre-prep or plan food for the next day, which will then give you no other option, it will stop your mood from driving your decisions towards pizza, chocolate and less helpful food choices. You haven’t ‘ruined it’ because you went out drinking, often it’s the food the day after and the day after that that causes you to fall off the wagon. It’s not a ‘fail’ it’s life. So keep life consistent and get back on the plan the day after, pre planning and prepping your food can help this so much.



Often when many of us begin a program or plan we don’t actively make a decision; we state a preference, a goal that we have but if we are honest we want it but just so long as we don’t really have to do too much to get it. When we have made a decision, there is NO other outcome than getting that goal.  When it gets hard we don’t give up, we ask better questions…How can I better my energy? Who can help me? Do I need some time off? You anticipate hurdles and plan to jump over them not fall flat on your face…Try looking at it in the same respect as to going to work, we find work hard, but we do it because our drive to earn money is larger than wanting to be homeless. There is no difference with weight loss.Flip that view on it’s head. Yes, it takes work, but it’s worth it.  It’s better than the alternative of moaning about it for the rest of our lives!




No-one likes a surprise! If your friend is hoping to have a whopper of a night out, and you arrive and say just one or two drinks, she’ll probably be disappointed. Manage your social situations by telling your friends you’ll enjoy yourself but that this is your goal. This will help to manage people’s expectations and your social pressure. If they’re a good friend they’ll understand. If not throw a pie in their face.



Contrary to what we believe, food is not good or bad. It is simply more helpful, or less helpful in achieving our goals. A food type will be more helpful to a guy aiming to pack on the muscle, and perhaps less so to a woman wanting to drop weight. When you’re socialising choose the option that is a little better such as cod and wine, rather than fish and chips a pint and ice cream.



This is all in your mind. The words you choose to think or say out loud will make you feel either  good or resentful. The fact is if you really wanted to eat all the pies you could. No-one is physically stopping you back and by saying ‘I can’t’ you’re simply reinforcing resentment. The restriction is in your mind. Change the words change the experience.

The nutshell is, if you want your dreams more than your drama and want to  better your balance and understanding of how you can make nutrition work for you as you live your life with all the ‘ANDS’ then jump on board our next BeBikini program. 


We hope this helped

The Beattitude Team



If you would like more help to tailor and plan your workouts give us a call or message. We have a large range of classes focussed 100% on women. If you are looking for a bit of a push, or simply to get back on track, we have core, circuits, pre and post natal, boxing, flow and yoga classes.