Skills Workout – Boxing

“We love that our members are so vocal about how we can help them, and this is one of the things they have asked for…to become stronger and better with their boxing technique” Siobhan

Boxing Skills Workout is an hour workout developing your knowledge, confidence and technique in foot drills, pad work and boxing sequences. You are going to find out where your weakness’ are, how you need to improve your technique and what each exercise focuses on. It is also a great workout too.

“Everyone has areas that they can improve on, whether its balance, power, speed, agility or knowledge. Bettering any of these will have positive impacts on how you workout. You will move more efficiently, meaning you can spend more energy on bettering the workout and you will progress much quicker.” Siobhan

At the end of this workout you are going to be moving stronger and more effectively. The more efficient you move, the greater the potential to sculpt, strengthen and lean out your body as well as decrease injury and the overworking of wrong muscle groups.


  • Master the basic skills of pad work, sequences and foot drills.
  • Find and fix your strength, fitness and technique leaks
  • Get a serious workout in a boxing class format
  • Pre workout education about boxing, technique checks, beginner and advanced levels
  • Progressive and specific technique focus’ for each round
  • The class will have two trainers so that each of you get an increased amount of individual attention.


  • Wednesday 29th May 6:40-7:40pm (Sam and Siobhan teaching) Creche available
  • Friday 31st May 9:30-10:30am (Sam and Laura teaching)


Members the class will take 2 credits from your account.

None members – the one off class cost will be £18