She changed her view of food with the BB30 Plan

It’s amazing how much of an impact understanding food can have on your health and fitness journey. So many women feel trapped when it comes to food, because it’s confusing or not relevant to their lifestyle.

So often, we hear from clients who feel like they don’t have the time but that they really desire to change their health and fitness goals, energy and overall body confidence.

We are here to tell you that you ARE capable of fitting this into a busy life, it’s one of the main reasons we built the BeBreakthrough30 Plan the way we have.

This client is the perfect example of how understanding food better and turning around learn and unhelpful beliefs can really help you get to where you want to be.

Read on to be inspired!


She lost 6lbs, 2.5 cm from her tummy, 3cm from her bum and 2.5cm from her arm; without restriction!


Her BB30 Story

“Having just completed the LBD challenge in December and reduced my measurements, I found that this kick start to make me want to do the plan again. I am at my best when I plan and this is a true benefit I get from BeBreakthrough30 – planning and prepping my meals.
In the 30 days I have shrunk! It has been about changing my mindset and realising the importance of giving time to planning and prepping my food. The daily education tasks have helped me to make sense of and understand what I’m doing. The structure really benefits me, while still knowing I can go off-plan every now and then.
I’ve really enjoyed the weekly weigh ins and the Facebook group for advice. Also, I now only have to think about what I’m going to eat once a week, and then the week just runs itself! Its also helped me have far less food wastage as I’m buying what I need rather than trying to cobble together meals each day with what’s in my fridge.
I would really recommend this plan. It didn’t feel restrictive and it is more about changing your attitude to food and the results speak for themselves! It’s right combination of nutrition and exercise and belief changing without being over-whelming.”