Whether you have your baby 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year or 6 years ago, our classes, programs and personal training is tailored to give you back your core, and a pelvic floor that works, that feels right and that does the job it’s supposed to do. 

Our classes are designed by our founder Siobhan Middleton who is a movement and pre and post natal specialist along with the help of other movement specialists, osteopath and physiotherapists. They are for women who also want their bodies to look, feel and function better after having a baby; women who want to lose weight after childbirth, and keep it off.

The unique class levelling system allows us to tailor your program to ensure you begin and graduate your program back after giving birth at a unique level. Our classes will make you sweat, whilst reconnecting you back to your body. 

All trainers at Beattitude are qualified experts in pre and post natal as well as diastasis (separation of the abdominals). We give supportive, realistic workout with a little tough love to help you achieve your results. 

Fitness pre and post natal is not just about connecting and re-connecting your pelvic floor, but doing this through functional movement, weighted movement, and movement which will give you the opportunity to move further with your workouts, body and body confidence. The movement we integrate IS about pelvic floor, core, toning, and strengthening, but it is also importantly about listening to your body not just pleading and pushing it in ways that will not get you all the above. 

We have designed classes, creche and membership options that will support you pre and post natal, with a community, trainers and tribe that give you the confidence to move, workout, sweat and achieve. 




Get a group of you and 3 of your friends to workout with our small group personal training sessions. Not only do you receive a personal training session a week from one of our pre and post natal specialist trainers,  but you also get Off Peak membership which gives you access to unlimited classes (Mon-Fri 8-5pm) on top of your personal training, AND our 14 Day post natal r-boot program – completely free of charge. Group personal training is a fantastic way to gain more focused training for you and a few of your friends at the fraction of the cost of 1:2:1 personal training. It can also be an extremely effective way of scheduling your workouts. Before you get started we will book you in for a consultation and check for separation of the abdominals. We have a NCT Group package as well as duo and trio training options. Our Post Natal Group training sessions is for 4 people in total. You can get all of this for £80pcm!

Please be aware that to attend group training sessions you and your friends need to have relatively similar goals and be at a similar fitness level or stage in life. Our sessions need to be focussed and target the best movements in order to achieve results in the time you wish. If we find one of you needs a little more one-to-one time for one or two sessions we will advise this as a course of action to make sure the group maintain the progress as a whole and get the best from each session.


This is our class based package, for that mum who wants more focus than just attending the gym. Once you join on our post natal package, we give you a free hour with one of our pre and post natal specialist trainers who will build your class program for the next 6 weeks, and then revisit this again at your 6 week marker. Not only do you get this, but you will receive our 14 Day Post Natal Re-Boot package which is full of recipes, advice and 14 days of emails giving you all the post natal health, fat loss, fitness and separation of the abdominals education to support your steps back post natal. Starting with our Revive class is a fantastic option for any new post natal women. We have lots of other options, but as each journey and body is different, come and talk to us and we can advice you on which classes will suit you. If you are ready to go for our Revive class you can book a free taster class here


We know how important it is to be able to focus on you. Not just for a little piece of you-time but it is important to be able to connect and listen to your body. Which is why we have a creche Mondays and Fridays. There are 4 spaces per class for little ones, and our creche staff have full nanny qualifications and are CRB checked. Creche can be purchased on a monthly rolling membership of £14 for unlimited uses, or on a PAYG price option of £6 per time. So, if you are going to use the creche more than 2 times it is worth signing up for the unlimited creche. We take babies from 6 weeks to older children. 


Although we have pre and post natal specific classes, we have a large range of other classes that you CAN attend. To know more about this, call or drop in and chat to us, we will be happy to find out your history and current level in order to be able to give you a more individualise class plan of what would be suitable.


We have used all of our knowledge of the body, movement and pregnancy requirements to create this class. You will work through movements that strengthen your back, alleviate pressure on your neck and head, strengthen around your pelvic area, supporting SPD and movement that will help keep your pelvic floor strong. The class is built in a circuit based, teacher led format to help maintain a good fitness level and give you a boost of endorphines.  If you are used to working out hard, come to Bump first and then we can help individualise your workout program based on a history check of health and fitness experience.  




A low impact class, designed to strengthen and tone in a low impact level with a challenging way. Dealing with postural changes that happen from a break from training, injury or pregnancy; re-focussing the core and pelvic floor to gain strength and functionality. This class is kind to your joints, but don’t be fooled, the program is designed to make you sweat and get that feel good factor from exercising, helping you regain fitness, strength and core connectivity. You will push, pull, tighten, strengthen and tone without high impact.



Post-natal, I thought I could do everything! and that everything would go back to normal…
…but learning how to breathe and activate my abdominal muscles properly taught me a lot
…and taking it slowly which I don’t like to do!

Beattitude was so welcoming… I wasn’t looked at in a weird way for exercising with a bump



Free Trial



1 group personal training sessions per week that are scheduled between 1-5pm Monday- - Friday. Share the cost of training with 4 people. With monthly membership it is a 3 month membership, monthly rolling from thereafter. Contact us for PAYG pack pricing. This package requires 4 people,. If you would like to train as a trio then please contact us about our trio package training. 

BONUS: You also get Off Peak class membership completely free as a bonus to your personal training membership. This will allow you to come to unlimited classes in off peak hours on top of your personal trianing sessions. On top of this you also get our 14 Day Post Natal Re-Boot Program.



Choose 1 to 3 personal training sessions per week that are scheduled between 1-5pm Mon-Fri, Pre 8am or post 12pm Weekends. Share the cost with up to 3 friends. PAYG options and pay monthly options available. With monthly membership it is a 3 month membership, monthly rolling from thereafter. Contact us for PAYG pack pricing.

BONUS: You also get Off Peak (unlimited off peak classes) or Silver (12 class credits anytime) class membership completely free as a bonus to your personal training membership. This will allow you to come to extra classes on top of your personal trianing sessions