We have specific classes designed specifically for pre and postnatal women by our founder, Siobhan Middleton, a movement and pre and postnatal specialist, along with over movement specialists, osteopaths and physiotherapists. These classes are designed to ensure safe exercise during pregnancy and after birth and aim to help women regain their normal function. The classes include exercises that work to strengthen and tone your core and give you back a pelvic floor that works and at the same time promote weight loss and improve function.

All of our trainers at Beattitude are qualified experts in pre and postnatal fitness as well as diastasis (separation of the abdominals). We give supportive, realistic workouts with a little tough love to help you achieve real results.

We focus on functional movement, weighted movement, and movement which will give you the opportunity to move further with your workouts, body and body confidence.

With the classes, weekly creche and flexible membership options, you will be supported in all you pre and postnatal needs. You will also become part of our Tribe, a community of like-minded women who give each other the confidence to move, workout, sweat and achieve.



Weekly Bump and Pregnancy Yoga. Offering low impact classes that still make you sweat and are safe for all stages of pregnancy. Our prenatal classes are designed to give you that ‘feel good’ feeling and at the same time strengthening and toning your core and pelvic floor, and supporting your body to improve posture. Want to try a Bump or Pregnancy Yoga class first? Book a free taster here

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We have specialised classes that place your body into positions and movements that will activate your pelvic floor and strengthen your core, legs, bum, upper back, check and biceps and of course are designed to get that heart rate up to get your sweating! You get access to unlimited classes along with a free BeBegin session with one of our pre and postnatal specialist trainers who will build your class plan for the next 6 weeks, and then revisit this again at your 6 week marker. We recommend starting with our Revive class. If you want to try out a Revive class, you can book a free taster class here

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No need for a babysitter, bring your kids along and hand them over to our lovely creche nanny whilst you workout. This is all part of our aim to provide women with flexibility and support throughout all stages of their lifecycle. Creche is on Mondays and Fridays. Our creche nanny is fully qualified and CRB checked. Creche can be purchased on a monthly rolling membership of £14 for unlimited uses, or on a PAYG price option of £6 per time. Ages: 6 weeks and up. 

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We have partnered up with a specialist women’s health physio, Helen Keeble, to bring you some exciting workshops that provide the knowledge and advice to further to support women through all stages of their lifecycle. With focuses on prenatal, postnatal, menstrual cycles, and common issues such as diastasis, endometriosis and pelvic floor prolapse, it will help to ensure successful rehabilitation from many common health concerns that women face so that they can get back to their normal routine. We also offer monthly diastasis clinics at our club with Helen Keeble that can be purchased individually or as a pack of 4.

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We also offer group personal training packages for up to 4 people. Not only do you get tailored personal training from one of our pre and postnatal specialist trainers, BUT you also get Off Peak membership at our club with access to unlimited classes Mon-Fri 8-5pm. Group personal training is a fantastic way to gain more focused training at the fraction of the cost of 1:2:1 personal training. It can also be an extremely effective way of scheduling your workouts and keeping on track with your fitness. Who doesn’t love having a fitness buddy or buddies to work out with! You’ll have an initial consultation and check for diastasis to enable us to plan your scheduled appropriately. You can get all of this for £80pcm!

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We have used all of our knowledge of the body, movement and pregnancy requirements to create this class. You will work through movements that strengthen your back, alleviate pressure on your neck and head, strengthen around your pelvic area, supporting SPD and movement that will help keep your pelvic floor strong. The class is built in a circuit based, teacher led format to help maintain a good fitness level and give you a boost of endorphines. If you are used to working out hard, come to Bump first and then we can help individualise your workout plan based on a history check of health and fitness experience.




A low impact class, designed to strengthen and tone in a low impact level with a challenging way. Dealing with postural changes that happen from a break from training, injury or pregnancy; re-focussing the core and pelvic floor to gain strength and functionality. This class is kind to your joints, but don’t be fooled, they are made to make you sweat and get that feel good factor from exercising, helping you regain fitness, strength and core connectivity. You will push, pull, tighten, strengthen and tone without high impact.



Postnatal, I thought I could do everything! and that everything would go back to normal…but learning how to breathe and activate my abdominal muscles properly, and taking it slowly, which I don’t like to do!, has taught me a lot about how to exercise properly and safely.