Hear what our clients think about us, and see what results they have achieved

Hear what what our clients think about our classes, memberships and fitness options

When I joined Beattitude (formerly Switch) 7 months ago, I was so unfit with limited ability and confidence, following 18 months of injury rehab and physio from two really bad breaks...

When I started, I couldn't lunge on my broken leg, couldn't box jump and couldn't lift a weight with my left arm.

Siobhan and her team have changed all that! Can't thank you guys enough.

Not only am I fitter and healthier, you've also made me love going to a gym - something I never thought would happen!

I  joined Beattitude (formerly Switch Fitness) in January to improve my fitness and boost my energy through their 30 Day Bikini Kickstart programme.

During the programme I not only lost weight due to the fitness classes and nutrition plan, but I got my first full nights sleep in 15 years (I have always been a terrible sleeper) which was life changing!

The classes are brilliant (I am still amazed at how hard I work in just 30 minutes), and there are always ways to progress and push your self forwards whatever your level. All the trainers are lovely and make a point of getting to know you and what your goals are and push you to be the best you can be.

I feel stronger, fitter and generally a lot more confident and happy in my own skin. Thank you Beattitude!

I first joined Beattitude when it was Switch last year following a recovery period and they helped me with my rehab back to my original fitness levels.

The trainers at the studio are all fun, friendly, motivating and push you hard. It completely changes your approach to training, to something you look forward to and always leave feeling like you have worked every part of your body.

One of the things I really liked is that the trainers are very knowledgeable, particularly with correcting technique and where, when you have an injury of some sort, they are able to give you an alternative that makes you work just as hard as the original (if not harder), without injuring yourself, rather than giving you an easier option. It means there is never an excuse not to go!

I also did their BeBikini / KickStartBikiniBody programme - I was amazed at the results I achieved in 30 days after having tried all the nutritional programmes out there. It was easy to incorporate into my lifestyle as it wasn’t a set recipe list but more a tool to help you put your meals together, with feedback on how to make minimal changes to the meals you already have which make a big impact on energy levels.

Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

I have been a member of Beattitude for 18months now and it has transformed the way I think about exercise.

I have found it so inspiring and have seen huge changes in my body.

All the staff are highly trained and make the classes exciting and challenging, I could not recommend it more!

I loved the Switch fitness classes, Siobhan and her team are all wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging classes.

I found Beattitude when I was pregnant and it helped protect my back from lower back pain.

Siobhan's fitness knowledge is exceptional and she teaches with such enthusiasm and compassion, I couldn't recommend this place more, I loved it.

Great classes that are never repetitive or boring.

I've never worked so hard or sweated so much but I love it.

I feel energised and confident about myself and each class leaves me amazed at what my body can do.

Beattitude is brilliant!

I saw massive changes in my post baby body and overall well being, which was great.

I am now pregnant again and still training regularly. All of the trainers are experts in pregnancy and post natal exercise, so make sure that you are doing all of the exercises safely.

I know exactly where I will be heading once the baby has been born!!

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