Is low grade inflammation hindering your weight loss?

Our bodies’ number one goal will always be survival. Our size, shape or energy goals are achievable but they are far down the list of our bodies’ priorities. We are not short on systems and some of the ones which compete for energy are the brain, the musculature,  the metabolic and the immune systems.

By design, when one system is dominating, it pulls energy away from the others.

When we are unwell, your body will prioritise ALL its energetic resources to aid the immune system, and therefore it shuts down other systems which would otherwise be competing for this important energy, such as your metabolic system (the rate our body burns calories).

Think about it…have a virus or infection? How do you feel? Foggy brain, tired, aching muscles, out of breath, low mood and no motivation to do anything. The immune system is pulling energy away from our other main systems – brain, muscles, and metabolic. We want our bodies to be able to do this when we are unwell. It’s a survival technique, to drive off foreign invaders. But, we only need this exchange of energy when we are sick.


For lots of people ‘normal and well’ includes…

Foggy brain

Struggling to get up each morning

Low concentration

Low mood

Digestive issues

General bloatedness

Imbalanced hormones

Don’t these seem similar to the response our bodies have when our immune systems are “switched on” and are being allocated extra energy to ward off outside invaders?


So, what, if anything, does this have to do with your goal of weight loss, better energy and overall better health?

If ‘normal’ is us….

#1. Constantly living in that ‘insulin resistant’ condition similar to when our bodies are exposed to an infection and…

#2. Always redirecting energy stores away from systems that might be used to work towards our goals (e.g. the metabolic system, the rate our body burns calories)

Then, we’re not helping ourselves.

Less helpful diet and lifestyle choices can, over time, have the same effect as illness or infection and encourage low grade inflammation. Things such as…

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Poor digestive health
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Not enough sleep
  • Not enough time spent in fresh air
  • Disconnection / lack of physical touch / loneliness

So, while our immune systems are NOT fighting a virus, they are fighting and it’s causing low-grade inflammation.

What does this mean for your health, weight and hormonal goals?

Constant low grade activation of the immune system creates poor health and energy dispersal. This is why you can never out exercise poor diet and lifestyle.  There’s no magic pill to deactivate our immune systems when we’re not ill, no matter how much we’d love one. What there is, is advice and support to help  you consistently do what deep down you know will change your ‘normal’ and save your immune system for true illness.

Over a decade of helping women, including the creation and constant redevelopment of Be Bikini a program designed exclusively for women, I’ve noticed some things particularly help:

  1. Get help and support to stay consistent. Consistency is the key. This doesn’t mean dieting hard, it means consistently eating breakfast, drinking water, eating protein.
  2. Balance your exercise between high level and low level workouts. Balance has a profound effect on your body systems!
  3. Sleep and get down time when you can. This can be a 10 minute bath, a 5 minute walk around the block without your phone, an afternoon nap.
  4. Manage your sugars, including carbohydrates. We don’t advocate low carb diets, but many people overeat refined carbs. Carbs are good for the gut and for serotonin levels but can be confusing – this goes back to number 1 –  get help!


All of these will help draw energy back into the metabolic system and the brain, and away from a chronically activated immune system. This in turn leaves you’ll feeling more energised and happy, and fat loss will be less of a battle between you and your body.  You’re the same team, work together!


We hope this helped

Siobhan and the Beattitude Team




If you would like more help to tailor and plan your workouts give us a call or message. We have a large range of classes focussed 100% on women. If you are looking for a bit of a push, or simply to get back on track, we have core, circuits, pre and post natal, boxing, flow and yoga classes.