The 5 stages of post natal fitness

‘When can I run again’?’ ‘When can I go back to my HIIT workouts?’ If you’re wondering these yourself then this is the blog for you.

Diastasis Recti: Recovery Time and Action Plan

Diastasis Recti (or separation of the abdominals) is fast becoming the newest hot topic in the pre and post natal world. Over the last few years more and more women are being made aware of this, but, very few are told the scientific home truths about healing and recovery….

Exercise in Pregnancy Workshop

Join us to find out how to exercise safely during pregnancy. Gain the confidence you need to be consistent with your fitness, so you don’t have to give up everything you love after all. It’s actually a really great way to prepare yourself for labor and childbirth and is very beneficial for, not only your health, but the baby’s too!