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We are looking for 14 women who want to transform their body, fitness and nutrition in just 30 days and help kickstart 2019 with some serious attitude.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Opting for more soups than salads now with the recent weather shift to ‘brrr’? We are too! Autumn/winter can be a time where we drink less water and eat less veg let’s make sure you are getting your greens in, and enjoying them. Here’s a recipe that will help you manage weight, feel full and keep your energy levels up plus give you that warm ‘comfort food’ feeling that we crave for at this time of year.

I don’t need another motivational quote

We don’t need another motivation quote to get results, to feel better or feel more confident. Often we just need to change our focus. We want to share with you some of the things that have really encouraged change in our girls and helped them to get better results.

Salmon Cakes

If you’ve been meaning to make changes to your nutrition, but can never seem to find the time – one thing that will always help is meal prep! Preparation helps you to #BeConsistent which in turn means better results…Check out these two recipes that are easy to prep!

The Perfect Time To Start

So many of us wait to start a new fitness and nutrition journey. We wait for a Monday; for the right clothes; for xyz to be over; for the proper motivation…the list of reasons to put it off can be endless. But girls, there is no “perfect time” and thinking there is and waiting for it just leaves us waiting and waiting for the life we’d really like.

Turmeric Tofu and Wild Rice

Turmeric has many, many benefits, especially if you are suffering from inflammation, or are a little under the weather. Inflammation can be caused by many things, not just being unwell, but from over indulging, dehydration, over training and food intolerance’s. Adding small changes to your diet such as adding in turmeric can be beneficial to your body, but not over stress your mind. Try this recipe!

Make your workout more effective by doing this…

Hands up who warms up properly? Oh come on, we know  like 90% of us don’t – well don’t every time!  And that’s probably doubly true when it comes to going for a run… truth bomb… a slow jog is NOT a warm up!

Cheesy Chicken Summer Wrap

Summer is still hot hot hot and salads seem like the popular choice, though not through wanting to be healthier, but because that crunch, cool and refreshing taste that we crave at this time of the year. Mix it up with a cheesy chicken wrap that you can take to work and it’s a great anytime option for those looking to manage their carbohydrate intake.

I get so nervous when I start a new fitness class/club

Hands up if you get a massive delivery of nervous butterflies in your tummy when you attend a new fitness club or a new class? What is with that? Why do we get so nervous? Here’s our view…

Jalapeño Pear Juice

Whether you just need a cold thirst quenching juice, or you’re feeling the after effects of partying too much, maybe even experiencing a bloated tummy or it’s simply just the heat of the summer months…We have a juice that can help with all of these and boost your metabolism at the same time!