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Of all the investments in the world, from real estate and business investment to stocks and shares, the best investment is always you.

Take control of your days so you can engage with the world under your terms.

Act instead of react.



This program gives you support with:

  • Understanding your nutrition
  • Planning and balancing your workouts
  • Managing learnt beliefs that have previously tripped you up such as guilt from going off plan or socialising
  • Having your ‘and’ – losing weight AND feeling satisfied, losing weight AND not feeling restricted, maintaining weight AND having a life.
  • Sticking to a consistent plan that will give you life long weight management

We have many support strategies to do this:

  • Daily progressional steps through email, podcasts and accountability tasks
  • Quick to make, delicious, easy recipes that fit into a busy life
  • Workouts that range from 30,45 and 60 minutes from 6am-9pm every day
  • A real time plan, with progressional strategies that do not require you to cut out socialising or drinking
  • Experienced professionals dedicated 100% to bettering women’s body and body confidence
  • A club full of supportive women, who are real, have struggle and who want more from their bodies and minds

Not only do you get all of the above, but you also get THE most crucial part of ANY nutritional program…

  • 5 weekly weigh ins, body fat readings, girth measurements, weight, before AND after pictures
  • As well as an accountability team; a group of women who make you accountable for the tasks and strategies we set in motion.