Educate. Motivate. Reinvent your shape.

The BB30 is a nutrition and fitness plan that delivers on all three. In 30 days your view of what food and fitness CAN DO for you will change forever, and so will your shape.

“The part of my body that I wanted to reduce in body fat was my tummy, no other plan has ever helped me do this…I now have a flat tummy for the first time EVER and I’m not even restricting myself!”

About 80% of us fail to achieve and sustain the energy, confidence and level of health and fat loss that we are longing for.

“I have never kept my weight off, ever, but the BB30 has taught me how to do that AND have a life.”

What Do You Get?

Flexible UNLIMITED class credits – 30 days of unlimited access to our club workouts PLUS 2 FREE online workouts just incase you can’t get to class.

Scientific, proven results – Over 200 women have seen results and are STILL maintaining their weight even a year after the 30 day plan. The advice and plan are built and designed by dieticians specialising in women’s health and weight loss.

Unique online account – Access to your very own portal that holds all your daily steps, information, downloads, workouts and more. Access it when you want to and with ease.

Accountability – We all need this, so every week you get 1:2:1 time with our founder Siobhan Middleton, specialist in women’s health and fitness and fat loss. She will record your body fat, weight and girth and give you some individual attention.

No more length prepping – Complete list of recommended foods and appropriate portion sizes with measurements you can use at home, when traveling and when eating out as well as a drag and drop system that makes planning a doddle!

Speedy Recipes – Make them in 15 minutes, no need for millions of ingredients and expensive trips to the health food stores! These meals are for hard working, busy women who want results and not to create a second job as a chef! They are also family and children friendly!

100% money back guarantee

We promise you, once you finish this 30 day plan, you will laugh at how many myths you believed about food, fat loss and fitness. Because it is time to give you the control back. Try it, if you don’t like it, we will honestly give you a 100% money back guarantee.

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