It always starts with 30 days.

It doesn’t end at 30 days.

This is not just a 30 day program, but a program that will give you strategies, tasks and knowledge for lifelong habits. The next 30 days will be build a foundation for your success in more areas of your life that just your nutrition and fitness. You will be fulfilling your unlimited potential to achieve results far beyond what you have felt and experienced before.

In addition to developing habits that make you successful, you will also develop a new mindset around dieting, fitness, your body, your ability and what you can and will achieve. We have your back every step of the way, just follow, learn, grow and achieve. Your success is based on those steps, and taking responsibility to follow through.

If you are already feeling a little nervous about the next 30 days and whether you will be able to follow through with everything, relax, it’s normal.

We work in gradual steps in every area that we work on. There is flexibility in everything, options to individualise it to your life and needs.

If you are thinking ‘I’ve done this before why will this be any different’? You’re also not alone.

We all suffer from rear view mirror syndrome; looking back rather than watching the road ahead, because you know that in the past you have found this sort of thing difficult and challenging, and have lots of ‘yes but I can’t’ or ‘I tried that but’ learnt beliefs about what you can and cannot do.

You are deserving of everything you want. But it is up to you.

We have the resources, the skills, the techniques, recipes, guide, professionals, experience and support that gives you more than recipes, food charts and restrictions. Achieving what you want with your body is far beyond these rules and regulations, and if you want to achieve that success this is a 30 day program that will change your view on the process and what you can and cannot achieve, forever.

Your life, body and health situation can and will improve, but only after you invest time in yourself each day to develop yourself into the person you need to be to improve it. That is exactly what the next 30 days is all about.

Decide to invest in you if you want that life you keep dreaming about that one day you will go get.

Today is the day.



Of all the investments in the world, from real estate, business investment, stocks and shares, the best investment is always you.

Take control of your days and you then get to engage with the world under your terms.

You can act instead of react.

This program gives you support with:

  • Understanding your nutrition
  • Planning and balancing your workouts
  • Managing learnt beliefs that have previously tripped you up such as guilt from going off plan or socialising
  • Having your ‘and’ – losing weight AND feeling satisfied, losing weight AND not feeling restricted, maintaining weight AND having a life.
  • Sticking to a consistent plan that will give you life long weight management

We have many support strategies to do this:

  • Daily progressional steps through email, podcasts and accountability tasks
  • Quick to make, delicious, easy recipes that fit into a busy life
  • Workouts that range from 30,45 and 60 minutes from 6am-9pm every day
  • A real time plan, with progressional strategies that do not require you to cut out socialising or drinking
  • Experienced professionals dedicated 100% to bettering women’s body and body confidence
  • A club full of supportive women, who are real, have struggle and who want more from their bodies and minds

Not only do you get all of the above, but you also get THE most crucial part of ANY nutritional program…

  • 5 weekly weigh ins, body fat readings, girth measurements, weight, before AND after pictures
  • As well as an accountability team; a group of women who make you accountable for the tasks and strategies we set in motion.


15 Spaces available on each program. Next start date: 28 September 2018








Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Full access to the BeBikini program, eBook, Recipes, Online Platform, weekly body fat / weight measurements. 

Start Dates: 28 September 2018






Full access to the BeBikini program, eBook, Recipes, Online Platform, weekly body fat / weight measurements.

Start Dates:  28 September 2018




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