9 small food swaps that make a huge difference

Are you all or nothing when it comes to ‘diets’ and nutrition plans? Fact is, doing too much all at once is usually a great way to crash a week or so later. Food swaps are a great way to better your nutrition, whether you’re just beginning or keeping up a longer term goal. Each of these are great for your energy levels, fat loss and weight management plan.


# 1 Chocolate to Cacao

Chocolate begins as cacao, cacao is the raw bean. Cacao is full of antioxidants.  Best of all, it still tastes like chocolate, especially when baking.


#2 White Sugar to Coconut Sugar

White sugar has been stripped of all its nutritional value. It provides us with purely empty calories, plus other elements that we are all well aware of including weight gain if you have it in excess. Coconut sugar should still be consumed mindfully on a limited, portioned basis, it is a healthier alternative. It’s harvested from the sap of the coconut plant and contains a small amount of fiber and other nutrients.


#3 Coleslaw to Sauerkraut

Coleslaw is mighty tasty, and makes a real difference to a ham salad, but it is disproportionately high in calories per serving due to it being full of fatty mayonnaise. A great swap would be sauerkraut.  Not only does this taste up a ham salad, or any salad for that matter, but it is low in calories, and as a fermented food, it helps with healthy gut flora. Double bonus.


#4 Mashed Potato to Mashed Cauliflower or Broccoli Rice

Mashed potatoes often hold a special place in our hearts and minds, reminding us of childhood where milk and butter made them creamy and addictively comforting. This makes it even harder to give up. But, you can use cauliflower as a substitute for those potatoes. It’s the same colour, so your brain can be half tricked into thinking it’s the same thing, but if you add some coconut milk, or greek yogurt, garlic and black pepper and whisk it up, I guarantee it’ll be your new fav  substitute. Cauliflower is lower in its overall net of glucose (the basic sugar molecule) which means it can help on a fat loss, weight management plan, without making you feel restricted!



#5 Balsamic Vinegar to Apple Cider Vinegar

Dressings and sauces are often the Trojan horses of the weight loss puzzle. They have secret calories and sugar levels. Balsamic vinegar is a big one. Being high in sugar, it makes salads taste delicious, but can one of the reasons why we hit a plateau. Apple cider vinegar not only makes your salads taste great, it also acts as an aid in digesting your foods. The better the digestion, the better the uptake of nutrients so the more you benefit from the foods you are eating.


#6 Caged to Free Range, Wild or Line Caught

Caged / farmed animals and fish have higher fat levels and significantly higher levels of synthetic hormones which help them grow or produce eggs faster, which becomes the meat and dairy and eggs we consume.  Animals that are line caught, wild, free range or grass fed are leaner, cleaner and healthier sources of meats.


#8 Vegetable Oils to Coconut or Cold Compressed Oils

Changing your fats can be a huge game changer. Cold compress oils can be a great option to switch with mayonnaise on salads, or salad dressings. Coconut oil also contains medium chain fatty acids that can help increase your metabolic rate (the rate your body burns fat). Of course, make sure you don’t go OTT on these. One portion is a teaspoon!


# 9 Coffee or Tea to Green or Rooibos Tea

Caffeine can play havoc with our energy and hormone levels. This is especially true when we drink it too late in the day. No don’t worry we aren’t saying don’t have it, just swap one or a few for a cup of green or rooibos tea. Both have great antioxidant benefits that can help digestion and appetite.



We hope this helped

Siobhan and the Beattitude Team




Often we think it is a trade off between what we enjoy and what we want to achieve…We often feel really restricted. But it doesn’t and shouldn’t be that way, we can help.